Pakistan- A place to live or not to live

My this post is  a result of a debate that I read here.

The question is whether to live in Pakistan or not. I don’t say it’s not a livable place, I don’t say I don’t love my country. But I believe I can do a lot for the benefit of my country while living abroad. And I believe in it. I wont go on with all the problems we face in the country like power and security being major issues, but let me state that while living in Pakistan I paid my bills on time, never stole electricity and always cared about turning on lights/AC only when needed. Not only to save the cost of bill obviously but to save electricity too. Unfortunately, it didn’t make much of a difference. There were still breakdowns and shortage of power supply.
I was working back in Pakistan for a company that was providing me a job. What I can do better by living abroad is have a set up of my own to provide jobs to other people. This way I can create job opportunities, bring business to Pakistan thus be a part of building economy of Pakistan. My money stays in the banks of my own country. Isn’t it better than just taking up place in a company?About Pakistan seeing any improvement. I’m sorry but it is a ground fact that hope is not a good supper. After 62 years, what we have gained in respect to time is not what we really should be proud of. Or if you think we should than sorry but you have very low expectations.

Let me state an example. My dad after living 32 years in middle east moved back to Karachi. He was not terminated from his job and yes, Pakistan was not the only option he had. But it was his choice. He wanted to take all his money to his country, set up his own business, create job opportunities and make his kids live where he was brought up. He was not that old and had hope. He started up his business, did all he could… but his lifestyle went worst! Now in this old age he sits and thinks if he had taken the right step by moving back to Pakistan.The life has it’s own charms there but the basics are not there. You can’t get water supply, clean water to drink, apart… there’s no electricity, no stability in all terms… be honest will you bring your money in such a country? Is it not a risk to invest? I think its just a matter of choice where you live, be it Pakistan or wherever. A true Pakistani is what your actions will say not only your passport. I know people waiting for their Canadian  immigration talking ill about Pakistanis living abroad.That is another of our problem. We cannot support each other. We have to point a finger at every other person without looking at our own actions. The most needed thing is unity which we lack.
Live in the country or outside the country do something for the country should be our motto.
What image Pakistanis have abroad is not a hidden truth. The way we are treated on an airport, in the airplane, sometimes by local people is not very welcoming. You think I being Pakistani like it? No way!Now what I can do is bring up the change by letting my friends from other country know that not every body is bad in the country. The politicians are corrupt and yes the system is corrupt, but not all are a direct part of the system. It’s just like rest of the world, where there are good people and bad people. We are not racists. We are not damn talibans. I see results to my this minor effect. I have friends form all over the world who respect us, invite us to their parties and how tell others that Pakistanis aren’t that bad.
It’s a fact we are a part of a third world country and our people are rude in general. The reason is unemployment, insecurity, inflation.Have a heart to cancel your vacations abroad, the theme parties that show money and status (or is there something else it does?) adapt a moderate life style and then talk about people who live abroad.I’m a Pakistani but yes, it will take me some time until I get back to my own country.
I have an option to live abroad, that I avail and I will be a Pakistani no matter if I live in Dubai, US or anywhere.  And I will continue doing at least something for my country no matter where I live and no matter what people say about me.